Bladder / Bowel

Bladder / Bowel

There are a number of bladder and bowel problems which can increase falls risk.

Some bladder and bowel problems can increase the risk of falls:

  • Strong urge to urinate
  • Urine infections
  • Passing urine more than 10 times in 24hrs 
  • Having to go to the toilet more than twice nightly
  • Constipation - having hard bowel movements less than 3 times a week
  • Diarrhoea - loose watery faeces that need to be passed urgently
  • Difficulty accessing toilet

These issues can be exacerbated by poor hydration and high caffeine and / or alcohol intake. You can help to keep your bladder and bowel healthy by drinking 6 to 8 cups of fluid per day and minimising any drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fibre e.g. wholegrain bread, cereals, peas and beans and fruit and veg, can help to ease constipation. If you find it difficult getting to the toilet at night, a commode or urinal may be helpful. Speak to your GP about a continence assessment if you are having on-going issues and require further support.

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